Krommenhoek Metals Services

Krommenhoek Metals is an expert in the area of collecting and recycling ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous metals, such as: aluminium, copper, zinc, brass and lead. In addition, we offer a free 24-hour container service for companies in the south-west of the Netherlands (and throughout the Netherlands depending on the quantity and type of materials) and support in demolition and dismantling projects.

We carry out our services according to the strict environmental and safety legislation and with the help of advanced equipment and machinery. In order to separate the various materials of the source, we have a separate dismantling department with shears, flame cutters and a cable peeling machine. The newest mobile crane and forklift trucks ensure that the separation and bulking of materials can be done quickly and efficiently. We also have extensive possibilities in the area of transport; at any time and location.

Our employees all have years of experience in the metal recycling industry and are all passionate professionals who provide expert advice and support to our clients. At Krommenhoek Metals, the complete service is dedicated to Service in scrap. Ask us about it!?