International Metal Trading

Krommenhoek Metals has attained considerable success during the last period at home and abroad with the 'Scrap Metal Service' formula and the company has proven itself over the years as a true professional with regional and national knowledge on the global metal trade market. Scrap metal is imported and exported from a centrally located home base in Rotterdam. With the recycling of scrap metal a more efficient production process of new material is obtained, which goes against the norm of global scarcity, while it is also good for the environment. For that reason Krommenhoek Metals ensures that scrap metal ends up at the correct processors.

On the back of many years of experience in the international metal trade, Krommenhoek Metals can guarantee:
- The correct price for your old scrap metal.
- Settlement of the correct transportation documents.
- Transport can be arranged from any harbour, from anywhere in the world.
- Quick and accurate financial settlement of transactions.

The Krommenhoek Metals 'Scrap Metal Service' formula offers an excellent solution if you want to load containers with more than one type of scrap metal, e.g. if you do not have enough of a specific type of product to load in one go. Our modern machinery provides proper sorting and settlement of all types of scrap metals.

Want to learn more about our unique 'Scrap Metal Service' formula? Please feel free to contact our sales team.