Scrap metal and scrap iron recycling

Krommenhoek Metals from Rotterdam has long been a household name in the area when it comes to recycling scrap metal; ferrous and non-ferrous, i.e.: metal recycling. For the collection of scrap iron and scrap metal, we use (calibrated) scales (30 tons for incoming and outgoing trucks) and a weighing platform (3000 kilos) with automated readers for both the office and the driver. For large amounts of scrap iron and scrap metal, we have an analyser that provides an accurate measurement of the alloy.

This method allows us to guarantee our clients a quick and reliable weighing, which is directly linked to a detailed overview of the scrap metal offered and the total returns. Fast and clear.

Our employees will then ensure that the scrap iron and scrap metal is expertly separated and sorted. All these activities are carried out in accordance with the strict regulations under environmental legislation. The scrap metal can then be offered to an exporter who gives the scrap metal a second life. That way, we as an organisation contribute to a more sustainable environment.