Krommenhoek pallet box service

Krommenhoek Metals in Rotterdam is happy to serve you with our pallet box service. Using pallet boxes is the perfect solution for collecting small amounts of old iron, old metals or your more expensive old metals. With the containers you can collect easily old stainless steel, old aluminum, old brass and much more older materials. This way we can ensure a quick and efficient removal of your old materials. The process of collecting and disposing the scraps is being done with the most recent and the highest environmental requirements in mind. We ensure you that the recycling of scrap iron and scrap metals is done in a certified, sustainable, high-quality way and of course at the highest scrap price.

  • The Krommenhoek pallet box is made entirely of plastic and has neatly even walls, which ensures a representative appearance.
  • The Krommenhoek pallet box is liquid-tight and is ideal for collecting metal chips that are released during turning or milling.
  • Only a spacious 1m² is needed of your available space to place the Krommenhoek Pallet box.
  • You can stack the Krommenhoek Pallet box up to four boxes high.
  • The Krommenhoek Pallet box is available with various accessories, including a lid to prevent theft of your old metals.

The Krommenhoek pallet box is available, depending on the quantity and type of scrap iron and / or scrap metal that you want to collect throughout the Netherlands. It has two major advantages: the service is most of the time free and is realized within 24 hours. If the Krommenhoek pallet box is full, you only have to contact us and Krommenhoek Metals will replace the box within 24 hours. Simply part of our service: Service in scrap.

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