Krommenhoek Metals iron scrap prices

Krommenhoek Metals is a Dutch company based in the region of Rotterdam. Our professionals are known for their quality in collecting and processing old iron. We are also known because of the fact that we always offer the highest scrap iron price in the market. The scrap iron price can be found online on our websites and is being adjusted daily. Are you curious about the current old iron prices? View them in our scrap prices table.

Turning in iron scrap

When collecting the scrap iron and scrap metals, we use weigh bridges for incoming and outgoing trucks. We also use a weighing platform which is equipped with automated tools that let us gather all the information that we need, for both the office and the driver.

For large batches of scrap iron and scrap metals, we have an analyzer that accurately measures the alloy.

Large volumes of old Iron

Do you own large volumes of old iron? We offer our customers a scrap metal container service: placing scrap metal containers for the collection of scrap iron and scrap metal on your (company) site. Our possibilities in delivering scrap metal containers are very extensive. Depending on your needs, we deliver scrap metal containers from 1 to 40 cubic meters, flat racks and even liquid-tight scrap metal boxes.