Computer recycling

Do your computers need replacing? Do you want to hand in old computers because they are no longer suitable for what you use them for, due to increasingly demanding applications and systems? Then come to Krommenhoek Metals. We offer good service and guarantee the best price for old computers! Krommenhoek welcomes you with large and small numbers of old computers. A specialized team is ready to weigh your old equipment, pay you money immediately and pour you a free cup of coffee.

Current purchase prices computer recycling

Computer – Complete

€ 0,55/kg

Computer – Incomplete

€ 0,35/kg
Moederbord uit nieuwere generatie computer

Motherboard Desktop – New gen.

€ 2,50/kg

Collection service for old computers

Only for companies and institutions

Does your organization want to hand in a large batch of old computers? Then use our pick-up service.

Packaging is not necessary. We do this when we come by, with our own packaging. Of course, we can also immediately take the associated peripherals, cabling or other electronics with us. Easy right?

This collection service is free if it concerns:

  • at least ten computers, which are a maximum of five years old and suitable for reuse. or
  • at least 250 kg of computers, peripherals, cabling and other electronics *.

With those numbers, we can use the residual value of the equipment to cover our collection costs. And when it comes to very large batches, there can sometimes even be a profit for you! Contact us for a proposal.

* With the exception of printers and brown or white goods.

Sell us your reusable computers

Do you have larger numbers of computers up to five years old? We buy them from ten pieces and more. For reusable computers we pay a price per piece, a good way to save cost on your total IT costs. Also the lifespan of the hardware is extended, very sustainable!

Old computers are fully checked and cleaned at Krommenhoek Metals. All data that can be traced back to persons and companies will be destroyed. In addition, certified hard drive erasure is included as standard. So we do that for free!

Curious what we can do for you? Then please contact us.

GDPR proof recycling of computers

You want to hand in old computers. But have you considered the business or personal data that may still be there?

When you come to Krommenhoek Metals with your old computers, ask about the possibilities with regard to data destruction. We are specialists in the software or mechanical destruction of data. We offer our data destruction services exclusively too business customers.

Do you want to know more about destroying your data and data? Then take a look at our page about hard disk destruction.

Sustainable recycling of old computers

Krommenhoek Metals is fully certified. We have current ISO certifications and are also in possession of the strict WEEELABEX certificate. This way we guarantee the best recycling and the least impact on the environment. Choose a professional and certified party when you are going to hand in old computers.

At Krommenhoek they are processed with the highest possible recycling percentages. This is done in the dismantling workshop with which we have an exclusive partnership, by a large number of employees. People with a distance to the labor market, so the knife also cuts both ways. You could call it ‘double circular’. They dismantle old computers manually and thus ensure very clean material flows. For example, batteries and other environmentally harmful components are removed one by one. They then go to specialized end processors.

It doesn’t get more sustainable than this. The best working method for people and the environment!

FAQ Computer recycling

What happens to my old computer after I hand it in?

Old computers that are handed in to Krommenhoek Metals are recycled in the cleanest possible way, as they are completely dismantled by hand. Manually dismantling old computers not only creates the cleanest material flows, it also creates jobs for vulnerable target groups.

What about the data that may still be present on my old computer?

In principle, we assume that the computers that are handed in to us no longer contain any data. Old computers are collected and stored with other old computers without supervision. After disassembly, the hard disk of the computer is partially disassembled and then sold to a final processor. Do you want to make sure that your old data is destroyed? Then view our page about data destruction.

Can I remove parts from my old computer before handing it in?

Yes, this is not a problem. However, we have a price for complete and for so-called robbed computers. Removing valuable parts before handing in the old computer reduces the value of the device.

My computers still work and are in great condition. Are these worth more?

If you have at least 10 computers of up to 5 years old that are in working condition, we may be able to buy them from you. Do you want to know what the computers are worth? Send a list with a description of the computers and the specifications (Brand, Model, Memory, Storage and CPU) via our contact form, e-mail or Whatsapp.