Certifications support our professionalism

Professional management is a top priority for Krommenhoek Metals and that is why the company has obtained the major certifications and quality standards in the area of quality, safety and environment: ISO 9001:2008 and the MRF quality standard of the Metal Recycling Federation.

Because working with metal and recycling on a large number of sites entails risks, we attach great importance to working according to procedures and meeting the requirements of the rules and regulations. What comes first is the safety of our employees, clients and the local area that Krommenhoek Metals wants to guarantee. This is closely followed by the maintenance of a constant quality in our services. We have made this the focus of our business and it is good to have an independent party conduct regular tests to ensure that our employees, procedures, systems and services can continue to provide that safety and quality. This keeps us on our toes, and at the same time it allows us to keep guaranteeing the most professional service for our clients.

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