Old Circuit Boards are Valuable

Handing in old printed circuit boards for money pays off. Krommenhoek Metals buys all types of old printed circuit boards, whether it concerns old motherboards, plug-in cards or low-quality printed circuit boards, for example from power supplies. We offer transparent purchase prices via our website and our app. If you need help sorting old printed circuit boards, we are happy to assist you. We buy old printed circuit boards from a few pieces to full loads.

Current purchase prices old circuit boards

Moederbord uit nieuwere generatie computer

Motherboard Desktop – New gen.

€ 2,50/kg
Hoogwaardige printplaat - klasse A

PCB – Class A

€ 7,15/kg

RAM memory – Gold plated

€ 28,00/kg

Get money for old circuit boards

When printed circuit boards are recycled, they always represent a value. However, the value of old printed circuit boards can vary enormously. It’s good to look at them before handing them in.

Many devices work relatively simply. For example, some things that are used in the household, such as a vacuum cleaner. They turn on and off at the push of a button. The printed circuit board in such devices has little to do and is therefore low-quality.

But there is also complex equipment. For example, it connects to other devices or the internet, via various network functions or connectivity options. It contains high-quality printed circuit boards. At least one and often more. For example, think of a laptop, a server or the smartphone in your pocket.

It is important that these circuit boards can operate without interference from other devices. That is why they are produced with high-quality materials.

The current prices for different types of printed circuit boards can be found on our website or in our app. Are you stuck? Send photos of your printed circuit boards via WhatsApp or e-mail. Our experienced buyers are happy to help you sort printed circuit boards by value. This way you always get the best yield from your material.

Krommenhoek Metals | Specialist in circuit board recycling

At Krommenhoek Metals we have a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to recycling printed circuit boards. We sort old printed circuit boards by value. We then arrange for processing by specialist companies all over the world. At these smelters, valuable metals are recovered through chemical processes. Krommenhoek has good contacts and contracts with these companies. As a result, we can always offer competitive prices.

Benefits of Krommenhoek Metals

  1. Handing in printed circuit boards from Monday to Saturday without an appointment.
  2. It is possible for organizations to have collection bins installed free of charge.
  3. We collect printed circuit boards for large quantities.
  4. Best value through high level of knowledge and good smelter contracts.
  5. Fast and professional service. a.o. sorting assistance via telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail.
  6. Everyone is welcome, even with small quantities!

Sustainable processing of old printed circuit boards

Krommenhoek Metals has the WEEELABEX certificate. We work with sheltered workshops that have this certificate or are well advanced in obtaining it. There, all purchased printed circuit boards are checked for the presence of harmful substances such as batteries or beryllium oxide. These must be removed before the boards go to a final processor. This is how we ensure safety and minimal environmental impact.

Old circuit boards are worth the most without metal attachments. That is why we ensure that, for example, copper and aluminum heat sinks or iron mounting edges are removed. These metals are processed again as clean materials, by the right final processor for each type.

FAQ Printed Circuit Board Recycling

I'm not exactly sure what type of circuit boards I have. Can I get help sorting?

Sorting printed circuit boards is not that easy. If you are not working on this every day, it can be quite a job to recognize the different types. Do you have larger quantities of printed circuit boards? Then you can always count on our help in sorting this, for example you can send photos via our Whatsapp service. In many cases it is also possible to have printed circuit boards sorted by us or to offer printed circuit boards as a mixed lot. Always contact us before you deliver.

What happens to the printed circuit boards I hand in?

Printed circuit boards contain valuable metals. The value of this is mainly determined by the concentration of gold, silver, palladium and copper. Krommenhoek Metals sorts printed circuit boards based on value and then has them processed in large quantities at major smelters worldwide. These (precious) metals are recovered there. The final value is determined on the basis of the amount of (precious) metal recovered and the current exchange rates.

Do I have to remove parts of the circuit boards?

In principle, the prices that we state on our website and in our app apply to clean printed circuit boards. This means that all metal and plastic attachments, as well as batteries (which can be dismantled) must be removed. All parts that are soldered to the circuit board can be left in place. It makes no sense to remove these parts as this is often very labour-intensive and reduces the value of the printed circuit board itself.

Can the prices on the website be negotiated?

Yes, this is possible. However, only when large quantities are supplied. Feel free to contact us via our contact contact email or Whatsapp and send photos of your printed circuit boards and an indication of the quantity per type. Together we will see which price suits your material.