Hard disk destruction

Have your hard drive destroyed professionally

All data that is stored on your computer(s) ends up on a hard drive. This usually contains sensitive information. That is why it is important to always opt for professional destruction of the hard disk. Or at least of the data that is present on it.

Destroying a hard drive sounds simple. And often it is not rocket science. Still, you don’t want to take any risks with this. Therefore, leave the destruction of the data or hard drives to a specialized company. Then you immediately know for sure that you comply with strict privacy legislation. You want to be able to demonstrate that you have ensured proper, professional destruction. A clear and complete registration, including a declaration of destruction, is therefore very important.

Go for certainty

Do you want to be sure that your data will not end up on the street? That your company data cannot be misused or traded? Then choose a company that destroys hard drives according to the strict DIN 66399 standard! Our closed process ensures the integrity of all data throughout the entire process, from collection to destruction. Completely GDPR-proof!

Closed process of hard drive destruction

Many companies only talk about the destruction class. But this only says something about the chip size of a shredder. Krommenhoek really makes the difference by offering a closed process! This runs from the moment we collect the hard drives to the moment we destroy the hard drive. Your data carriers are always destroyed with us within 48 hours after delivery and are safe throughout the process.

We supply lockable packaging and work exclusively with screened employees. Our destruction room has electronic access control and constant camera surveillance.

Of course, the chip size is not unimportant. We shred your hard drives into particles of 9 to 11mm. You can imagine that recovering data after this is impossible!

Hard drives certified wiping

Shredding hard drives is a proven method of destroying data. But it does mean that the data carrier can no longer be used. In many cases that is a waste. Many hard drives or SSDs can still be reused. Krommenhoek is able to make hard disks data-free. We use software that is certified by Common Criteria, HIPPA, ADISA, NYCE and NCSC!

Wiping is not an option if a hard disk no longer works or is damaged. No problem: Krommenhoek will then shred the data carrier in-house.

All hard drives that we wipe are automatically registered by our software. After that, a comprehensive declaration of destruction is generated. This shows you exactly which hard drives have been destroyed, how and whether the wipe was successful or not.

Permanently destroy your hard drive

Wiping is the most sustainable method of data destruction. But also the most economical option! In many cases, the hard drive represents a good residual value. In some cases we can pay for reusable hard drives, instead of charging costs for shredding.

Krommenhoek Metals: the best choice

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FAQ Hard Drive Destruction

Where to dispose of hard drive?

We recommend that you never just throw away a hard drive. First of all, it is important to ensure that the data is destroyed professionally. Even if you have already deleted the data yourself, it is important to hand in the hard disk to a recycling company such as Krommenhoek Metals. In this way, valuable materials are recovered.

What is the best way to destroy a hard drive?

A hard drive can best be destroyed by shredding it with a hard drive shredder. A more sustainable option with younger hard drives and SSDs is to erase the data so that the hard drive can get a second life without the risk of a data leak. Krommenhoek Metals offers both services.

How can I be sure that my hard drives will be destroyed?

All hard drives and other data carriers that are destroyed by us are extensively registered on the basis of the serial number, product number, brand name and capacity. All this information will appear on our declaration of destruction.

Is formatting a hard drive enough?

No, formatting a hard drive does not destroy the data. The references to where the data is stored will be removed. Compare it to tearing out the table of contents of a book. Our software is capable of really destroying data. It is therefore not surprising that wiping a hard disk with our software takes twelve hours or more and formatting only a few minutes.

My data may not leave the site, is data destruction also possible on location?

Yes, this is possible, but only from larger numbers of hard drives (500+). If the hard drives are not allowed to leave the site, we can come to you with our mobile shredder.