Krommenhoek Metals is a socially involved company and likes to show this internally to its own people, but also to the outside world.

Sports sponsorship

Krommenhoek Metals fulfills its social role in the fiels of sport, through sport sponsorship at the highest level. In that context, Krommenhoek Metals sponsors Rugbyclub The Hookers from Hoek van Holland. This rugby club comes in the national honour class, the absolute top in The Netherlands. Rugby club The Hookers is a strong concept in the Westland and Rijnmond area and its characterized by its persistence in both good and bad times. This is an excellent agreement with Krommenhoek Metals.


As a company at the center of society, Krommenhoek Metals has its name associated with the Dutch Cancer Society as a business friend since May 2012. ‘’With KWF you invest in life. That is always positive. Whether you are healthy or sick. As long as there is life there is hope. As long as there’s life, there is a future. That is why KWF invests in research, information, prevention and patient support.’’