Electronics recycling

Unique service in the collection and processing of old computers and other electronic scrap

Krommenhoek Metals has a team of specialists in the field of electronics and printed circuit board recycling. We always offer the best solution, whether it concerns recycling, reuse or data destruction. We process almost all types of electronics such as old printed circuit boards, computers, laptops, servers and telephones.

What material are you looking for?

Deliver your old electronics and printed circuit boards

Discover the convenience of Krommenhoek’s fully covered, drive-through electronics recycling return location in Rotterdam. You can visit our delivery location without an appointment. You can just drive in and unload your old devices and printed circuit boards indoor. We weigh everything right in front of you, directly in our system. You can watch every step.

Done unloading? Have a nice cup of coffee for free while we prepare your receipt. You will receive the proceeds directly in cash via our own payment terminal or via ‘Retour Tikkie’ (only for Dutch bankaccounts) quickly and safely to your bank account.

The best price for old printed circuit boards

Sorting printed circuit boards can be quite a job. Because the price difference between different categories is very large, we are happy to help you sort your printed circuit boards properly. This way you can be sure that you get the maximum value for your material. Do you have questions? Send your question with photos to our Whatsapp-service. You can also have us sort larger batches or offer you PCB as a mix. This way you always have the best price for all types of printed circuit boards.

Have a large batch of old electronics removed and recycled?

For large batches of electronics recycling, you can have this collected by our collection service. From 250 kg (with the exception of printers, screens, brown and white goods) this is already free! If you regularly have old appliances, hardware or printed circuit boards to dispose of, we can also place collection resources at your location. We will exchange these pallet boxes on demand. Often within 24 hours!

Krommenhoek Metals is WEEELABEX, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. So you can be sure that we handle your material in a very professional manner and that a minimal impact on the environment is guaranteed.

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FAQ Electronics Recycling

What is the price of old printed circuit boards?

The price of old printed circuit boards varies from € 0.40 / kg to as much as € 30.00 / kg! Printed circuit boards contain metals and precious metals. Printed circuit boards with high concentrations of gold, silver or palladium are the most valuable. Older printed circuit boards have higher concentrations of precious metal than younger generations. Furthermore, it can roughly be said that the more advanced a printed circuit board is, the higher the value per kilo.

How should old electronics and printed circuit boards be delivered?

If you deliver materials sorted, the value is the highest. If you need help with sorting, you can use our online sorting manual or use our Whatsapp service. Our prices are based on complete devices and ‘clean’ printed circuit boards. That is, without batteries and attachments.

Why take your old computer and electronics to Krommenhoek Metals?

Krommenhoek is a highly professional collector and processor of computers, electronics and printed circuit boards with a high level of service, transparent pricing and fast payment.

Where can I sell my old computer and electronics scrap?

You can sell old computers and electronics to certifiedKrommenhoek specializes in the purchase of almost all types of metals, both basic metals and more exotic types. In addition, we have our own catalyst processing, which we purchase per piece. metal recycling companies that are affiliated with the Metal Recycling Federation. (www.mrf.nl) Krommenhoek Metals b.v. in Rotterdam is a member of this. We are open daily to receive old computers, other electronics,  and old metals.

What can be delivered to Krommenhoek Metals?

Krommenhoek specializes in purchasing and processing of almost all types of electronics and metals (both basic metals and more exotic types). In addition, we have our own catalytic converter processing, which we purchase per piece.

What are the benefits of Krommenhoek Metals?

We ensure fast payment, have a transparent working method, operate sustainably and provide excellent service for electronics recycling. You will always receive the best price from us.