Demolition & Disassembly

At Krommenhoek Metals, demolition work and projects are a separate service. Whether you are looking to demolish a building, an installation or another structure, we can take care of the dismantling, the demolition and the removal.

Do you need help with the demolition and moving of your object? You’ve come to the right place. We oversee the demolition process from start to end. Our project team can facilitate all the operations as part of the responsible demolition of your (office) premises, warehouse, factory, installation or structure. Take a look at one of our recently completed demolition projects.

Krommenhoek Metals is also your preferred partner if you only require the demolition and removal of scrap metal. We can also deliver the required containers to you and dispose of them for you. 

Health & safety at work

Obviously the health and safety of all the parties involved and the environment is our main priority in all of our demolition activities. Our project team has obtained VCA certification. In so doing, we comply with all the legal requirements.

The environmental aspect of demolition work is also very important for Krommenhoek Metals. Obviously because we want to and must comply with all the requirements. But all the more so because we are specialised in metal recycling since 1925. We actively implement a CSR policy and cooperate with various organisations to stimulate corporate social entrepreneurship at the international level. Krommenhoek thus helps to mitigate the serious negative effects of metal production for people and the environment.

We extend this sustainable mission and vision to our demolition work. Where possible, we strive for circular demolition. This means we always look at whether the materials recovered during the demolition process can be used elsewhere in a good and qualitative way. This requires considerable materials science knowledge, something that the Krommenhoek project team also has.

Recently we have noticed that clients are increasingly looking at ways to reuse materials. In addition, you also need good circular partners throughout the chain. Consequently our network is continually expanding. That way, we can all make a significant contribution to the circular economy.

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Demolition by Krommenhoek

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