Demolition & Disassembly

Demolition and demolition projects are separate services of the ones that are being provided by Krommenhoek Metals. We offer project management services from the start of your demolition project and we also help you with the demolition and dismantling of scraps. Do you need help with your demolition project? You’ve come to the right place!

Our VCA-certified project manager facilitates the whole project from beginning until the end and guide you through the whole process. We help you with all the important things for the responsible demolition of your building, warehouse or factory hall. You can view one of our most recently completed demolition projects here. Our professionals are also happy to take care of the delivery and removal of containers and any other dismantling work. We value a work method where we work in close cooperation with our customers. This can be achieved at the best price and always according to the highest safety, environmental and legal requirements. Krommenhoek takes care of your demolition projects and activities.

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