Turn in your old particulate filter and receive the best price!

Besides the processing of old catalysts, Krommenhoek Metals is also specialized in collecting and recycling old particulate filters.

A particulate filter can be found in a diesel car and is used to filter soot particles which are released during the combustion process of the diesel engine. These particles are harmful to our health. Within the Netherlands it is obligatory to install a particulate filter in all newly delivered cars that are sold, according to the Euro standards. In older car models a particulate filter can be installed later, or you can choose to pay higher road taxes.

To filter soot particles, a particulate filter consists of a ceramic block or a silicon carbide block. These are equipped with precious metals, such as Platina, Palladium, and Rhodium that are heat resistant. This is useful, because the soot particles are stored in this block to be burned clean as much as possible.

Krommenhoek Metals is specialized in the processing and recycling of old particulate filters and the recovering of precious metals. Thanks to our processes you can always rely on the most current and fair prices for your old catalysts and particulate filters. Moreover, we immediately pay you, in cash or per bank transfer.

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