Krommenhoek Metals stands for service in scrap

Krommenhoek Metals in Rotterdam has been a household name in the field of collecting and processing scrap metal for many years. The company, which is now more than eighty years old, has naturally adapted to all developments of the time. With an extensive, professional and modern service, Krommenhoek Metals can call itself a total supplier in the field of metal recycling in the Southwest Netherlands region. Private individuals, small businesses and the business market can rely on us for numerous services: for the collection and disposal of old metals, free old iron and old metal container service, demolition, dismantling, advice and support with projects. What has not changed over the years is the love for the profession, the reliability and the relationship with customers. Even today, these values ​​can still be found at the company. The statement by the founder of the company, Joop Krommenhoek, still forms the basis of the service provided by Krommenhoek Metals and its Scrap Service: “He who does not know the value of his word is quickly known as a bad merchant.”

Just as with oil, the old iron and old metal prices, or scrap prices, are determined by supply and demand. If the demand is high, the scrap price goes up and vice versa. Therefore, the scrap iron prices and the scrap metal prices vary from day to day. What is also important is what type of scrap metal and its composition it is. We have listed an overview of the twelve most common scrap metals, including the current scrap metal price and scrap metal price based on the London Metal Exchange b€s. The profit of your scrap metal may differ per trader. Because Krommenhoek Metals manages all matters under its own management, it has the most favorable effect on scrap prices for you as a customer. You can always call us if you have any questions about a concrete party and/or its composition. We are happy to assist you with our scrap iron and scrap metal prices page.