Sustainable recycling for Boskalis

Some time ago, Krommenhoek Metals carried out an interesting project for the dredging company Boskalis. This involved a so-called side dump installation with a total weight of approximately 1,500 tonnes, which had to be disposed of, with a view to recycling at a later stage.

Before work commenced, the safety plan and lifting plan were discussed in detail with all stakeholders.

The installation consisted of eight separate stone bunkers, each of which weighed between 180 and 200 tonnes, which were loaded at the customer’s site directly from the quay. A Cormorant, which is a floating derrick that had been hired through HEBO Maritiemservice, was used to lift the objects onto several pontoons.

We then transported the bunkers to the Port of Rotterdam, where they were unloaded using the HEBO lift 7.

The decision to use water transport contributed to the sustainability of the project, which would otherwise have required 120 125-kilometre trips by trucks. A total of about 15,000 kilometres of additional strain was therefore spared from the Dutch road network.

After arriving in Rotterdam, the bunkers were prepared for recycling. The entire project proceeded safely and without incident.