Offshore decommissioning

Decommissioning describes the final phase of an industrial project. When the production lifetime of an (offshore) construction is coming to an end, the constructions need to be disassembled. Meanwhile, the environment needs to be brought back to its original condition. After the construction has been removed, it is made sure that no debris or possible obstacles are left behind. Thereafter, the material is recycled for reuse.

We offer all facilities for decommissioning projects. The demolition quay is based on an ideal location in the port of Rotterdam. This quay has an open connection with the North Sea. Executing offshore decommissioning projects acquire experience, knowledge, and expertise. Krommenhoek Metals possesses all the required permits, knowledge, and expertise to disassemble large (offshore) constructions safely and responsibly.


Decommissioning of offshore constructions

Did you pick up a large offshore construction that needs to be scrapped and recycled? Krommenhoek Metals features a quay at an ideal location in the port of Rotterdam and scraps all parts of an offshore construction. If necessary, we can perform decommissioning work on board of the ship, for example to demolish old grillages. We execute this with our own experienced staff. For this, we use cranes equipped with large shears. We take over the entire decommissioning project and demolish your offshore constructions.

Disassembly of shipwrecks

If ships are no longer suitable for sailing, it is very important that they area disassembled and recycling in an environmentally responsible way. Hereby, the legislation according to the EU Ship Recycling Regulation is very important. Therefore, not everyone can carry out these decommissioning projects. Krommenhoek Metal takes over your entire project. We buy your ship and ensure the environmentally responsible recycling of all materials.

Dismantling wind turbines

The first generation of wind turbines is reaching the end of their lifetime. These wind turbines, spread around the world, are being replaced by a new generation. The old turbines can be recycled to a large extent. Krommenhoek Metals has its own experienced team and uses cranes with large shears. Therefore, we feature all the equipment and expertise to dispose of wind turbines in an environmentally friendly manner and prepare them for recycling. The whole project takes place on a quay at an ideal location in the port of Rotterdam, easily accessible from the North Sea.

Decommissioning of sea cables

Sea cables are placed to conduct electricity generated by wind turbines. Before placement, these cables are cut to size. The surplus of the cables can be recycled. Krommenhoek Metals possesses the correct equipment and expertise to recycle these cables in an environmentally responsible manner. We collect the scrap material at your wharf and take care of the recycling and processing.

Grillage removal

It is of great importance to demolish and recycle old grillages in an environmentally responsible way. Krommenhoek Metal has all the expertise and an experienced team to scrap and process grillages. Our experienced team scraps grillages and parts of offshore constructions using cranes equipped with large shears. If necessary, our team performs decommissioning projects on board of your ship. Krommenhoek Metals entirely takes over the decommissioning of grillages.

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