Impact report 2022

With nearly one hundred years of experience in collecting and processing metals,
Krommenhoek Metals is truly justified in calling itself an expert in recycling. A circular
mindset is embedded in the DNA, vision and strategy of the family business. This is reflected,
among other things, in an annual Impact Report, which was launched last year.
The Impact Report (2022) by Krommenhoek Metals was recently presented, which includes a
look back at what we have done and where we are now. We also take a look ahead: what
goals are we going to set going forward, as our contribution to an even more sustainable
A number of aspects come into play here:

  • climate transition and circularity
  • fair and secure supply chain
  • healthy work environment
  • social contribution

Interested in learning more about our vision & strategy, the evolution at Krommenhoek
Metals from recycling to reuse and how we took the next step on the CO2 performance
Then download our Impact Report 2022: