Recycling and re-use of a drilling platform by Krommenhoek Metals

Rhenus Logistics, a transhipment specialist in the logistics sector, had had an old drilling platform in storage for some time. The platform had been decommissioned after years of use in the offshore industry. Krommenhoek Metals was awarded an order for demolishing the platform professionally and safely.

We started the project by moving the platform to a different part of the site. The platform had to be transported to the client’s ‘scrapyard’. No easy task, in view of the total weight of 60 tons. However, the Gottwald crane at Rhenus Logistics was more than man enough for the job.

The next step was to remove around 500 litres of oil.

We then disassembled various parts. They were returned to the manufacturer of the drilling platform, where they would be overhauled as required. After testing and inspection, these parts can be used again in new machines, or as spare parts for existing platforms that are still operating out in the field.

Finally, our people set to work with special torches to cut the steel structure into manageable sections. Those sections were then transported to our own metal recycling facility for further processing to produce a saleable raw material. The resulting raw material is ideal for exporters who supply scrap to steel mills.